Monday, April 16, 2012

Enrique Chagoya/mark warren jacques

Enrique Chagoya was born in Mexico in 1953. He is a painter / printmaker. He is known for his satirical work that is influenced by his migration to America in the 70's. He mashes up American pop culture images with Mesoamerican myth. He creates narratives that are inspired by ancient and contemporary art, religion, history, politics and comics. In order to make social commentary Chagoya juxtaposes political imagery such as Bush / Ronald Regain dressed like ballerinas or set in other ridiculous cartoonish situations. Enrique Chagoya studio economics and also contributed to political cartoons for a local newspaper before he moved to America. This was influential towards his satirical work.

Mark Warren Jacques was born in Columbus Ohio in 1984. He now works out of Portland Oregon. His work is heavily influences on his time spent in a monastery in the midwest. His visual vocabulary speaks of mysticism and religion. He creates symbols of humanity and is influenced by peace, kindness and serenity. 

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