Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Connor's Artist Presentation

Nicola Lopez

She is now working as a teacher at Bard in Upstate New York, but she was born in New Mexico. Her undergraduate school was not in art but rather she received her BA in anthropology at Columbia University; she later went back to receive her MFA in visual arts. She also spent some time in Brazil in between her sophomore and Junior year to study Portuguese, but this is truly when she began to go down this path of art that she has since been traveling. In Brazil she interned at their Museum of Modern Art, while taking classes in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Since, she has been recognized internationally and exhibited in many galleries and museums a few to mention are the Guggenheim, the Los Angeles County Art Museum and the MOMA.
As you can see her work is very interactive with the space it is in, seeming to appear and grow in the place it is installed. She works through large installations as well as drawings paintings and mixed media print. Her work is inspired by the environment around her and how it affects her during the duration of a project. She has even mentioned being able to recognize where and when she created certain pieces because of the certain atmosphere or mood a piece portrays.

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