Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obioma's Artists Presentation

Irving Amen

Irving Amen is widely known as one of the most important and successful printmakers in the United States. Born in 1918 in New York City, Amen began to draw at the age of 4. By the time he was 14, he was awarded a full scholarship to Pratt Institute, which is quite remarkable might I add. Amen worked extremely hard and spent seven years of classes perfecting his drawing skills to his idol's standards, Michelangelo. Amen is a much well-rounded artist, creating all types of art such as lithographs, oil & acrylic-based paintings, etchings, woodcuts/woodblocks, sculpture, and even computer art. His work is very positive, loving, and colorful. He seems to love to depict people, chess, music, and religious indentations.

Tinker Hatfield

Tinker Hatfield, VP of Innovation and Creative Design, is the creator of many of Nike's most popular shoe designs and considered to be the greatest athletic footwear designer of all time. Being an all-star athlete in his high school in Linn County, Oregon, playing basketball, football and track, Hatfield experienced all types of shoewear at a young age. He later attended the University of Oregon, joining the track team coached by Nike co-founder, Bill Bowerman and graduating with a degree in architecture from Oregon's School of Architecture. Hatfield joined Nike in 1981 originally to design Nike's new world headquarters, not for footwear which he didn't start to do till the mid '80s. He appeals to me a lot because of his drawings and sketches and how he caters to Da Vinci's style by using a lot of labeling and words in them. He might be a much more commercial artist than traditional but that's just exactly what I like.

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